The two existing trailers for Steve McQueen‘s Shame (i.e., the Carey Mulligan ‘New York, New York” songbird one that surfaced today plus the one that came out two or three weeks ago) are, I feel, more enticing on their own level than Shame itself. It’s always easier, of course, to make a more captivating two-minute trailer than a 95-minute feature, but still….

I only know that these trailers have a fleetingly warm, fascinating, alluring vibe, and that the film is significantly colder, frostier and clinical-analytical. Which isn’t to suggest that there’s anything wrong or ineffective with that. The film is what it is, and it certainly has integrity. But it’s not what these trailers are indicating. Hats off to Fox Searchlight marketing for creating two of the best trailers I’ve seen all year.