Posted on 6.7.12: Whether in Prague. Cannes. Hanoi** or Rome, I have my New York attitude about crossing streets. If traffic is heavy and somewhat aggressive then don’t be an idiot. But if you can make it across a street without getting clipped or causing anyone to slam on their brakes, fine. If a car stops to let you cross, fine. If nobody stops and you have to duck and weave and dodge like a rabbit, fine.

I don’t expect traffic laws to protect me because some people are nuts when they drive. I’ll take what comes, play what’s dealt. For I am lithe like a cat plus I tread the line between truth and insult like a mountain goat. And when you know that, nothing else matters.

** Crossing busy streets in Hanoi is actually a whole different deal. You just have to trust drivers not to hit you. Ignore the traffic…just inch your way across. Go slowly, keep a close watch, but keep moving and don’t worry about being hit.

Posted by HE comment-threader “Kit Latura”: “I wish more pedestrians had Jeff’s attitude about this. More specifically, I wish ANY PEDESTRIAN in Los Angeles would have a shred of awareness that “pedestrians have the right of way” doesn’t mean “slow down to a turtle’s pace and make a line of seven cars miss their fucking light so your otherwise active Angeleno ass can walk like a slow-ass JUST to piss off the cars.” Because LA pedestrians ABSOLUTELY do this. They’re just DARING someone to get out of their car and shoot them.”