“As an active member of the LDS (Mormon) faith, a semi-new resident of Salt Lake City and a self-proclaimed cineaste, I find Larry Miller’s pulling of Brokeback Mountain rather hypocritical and in very poor judgement,” says Jeremy Porter. “Good ol’ Larry has been making mint off of morally questionable films for a long time now (Casanova, Hostel and Grandma’s Boy are all currently playing the same location from which Brokeback Mountain was pulled). While I believe theater management is completely entitled and justified to pull a film on moral grounds if they so desire, but if you want to take a stand, Larry — take a stand! Refuse to show the ‘immoral’ PG-13 sex-comedy dreck and soul-numbing horror films that are polluting our theaters and crowding out thoughtful pieces that might make a mensch of someone. Had he pulled all such ‘immoral’ films from his theater, thought I may have disagreed personally, I still would’ve applauded the move and said, ‘Here’s a man who’s finally standing by his principles and doing what he feels should be done, commercial interests and public opinion be damned.’ But by simply pulling Brokeback Mountain, he isn’t convincing anyone. So Larry, until you can make that decision, you’ll have to let viewers decide for themselves.”