Mick Jagger is celebrating today. Bless his persistence and good health and general refusal to wear Bruce Dern-styled old man shoes. “Three-quarters of a century…makes a girl think.” — Marilyn Monroe‘s Sugar “Kane” Kowalczyk in Some Like It Hot (’59).

I can remember people saying in the mid ’80s that it was time for the geriatric Rolling Stones to think about hanging it up for the sake of dignity, that being a post-40 rocker is embarassing. The last I saw Jagger live was at the El Rey on Wilshire Blvd. back in November ’01; the stand-out moment was when he performed “God Give Me Everything.” Favorites shift from year to year, but right now my favorite Jagger-Richard tune is “Back Street Girl,” largely because of the background accordion or Hammond organ or whatever it is.