“Maybe next year only 75% of the contending films will hire the Dart Group, suddenly aware that only Cynthia Swartz‘s favorite (Crash, The Queen) will actually get a Best Picture nod out of the hire. Maybe Tony Angellotti will get a reputation for good-mouthing movies. Perhaps Michele Robertson will have a karma reversal, though I don’t know why she would. Maybe Terry Press will be the hot new consultant in town, a Jet to the Dartees’ Sharks. Could Lisa Taback push Harvey or Sony back into the Oscar winner’s circle? Perhaps Karen Fried will see what it’s like when Focus actually has a movie that could work. Could Murray Weissman, Ronni Chasen and Nadia Bronson do anything but keep delivering for their myriad clients? Will Block-Korenbrot and MPRM and BWR merge to make MMBBRKWRR?” — from David Poland‘s latest Oscar assessment column/chart, Poland’s reiterating his animus toward Tony Angelotti, whom I regard as one of the most reasonable and fair-minded Oscar strategists around (i.e., given what the game is and the way you need to play it), is strange.