Rude, crude…insulting people on Twitter
Sees everything as transactional
Has no loyalty but to himself and family
Seems pathological in his desire to undo what Obama did
Doesn’t speak about many people with respect
Obama called him a “bullshitter”…check
Sees everything in terms of the deal
Uses the phony schtick of a salesperson, a tendency to exaggerate and lie
Antagonizes almost everyone
Only seems to care about his base
He really hasn’t accomplished anything
A monkey could have passed tax cuts with a Republican congress
Doesn’t read, isn’t wise, speaks like a child
Antagonizes allies; denigrates international organizations
Doesn’t think things through
Unpresidential in use of Twitter and many other ways
Goes back on his word, can’t be trusted
Constantly revolving door among staffers
I dislike the divisions he has caused or hasn’t helped

He never turns the other cheek
His decisions are never fully explained
Most of these are character complaints
Disagree with: environmental, behavior towards allies, tax cuts, Obamacare, Judicial appointments, treatment of migrants, the way he represents the United States, his ignoring of bad acts by Saudi Arabia, his ignoring of Russian meddling in the election, his view of NATO, his cabinet choices,
He unilaterally rescinds or withdraws from agreements that the U.S. has entered into, including the Paris accord, Iran nuclear agreement, etc.