I’m half-enraged and half-heartsick over the apparent likelihood that Donald Trump will win the election next November.

Average Joe rage against the Gaza campus occupiers and Biden failing to project a tough-enough image…this is analogous to middle-class Americans recoiling at the Grant Park chaos during the 1968 Democratic Converntion.

Biden is almost certainly going to lose and I’m sick over this…spitting on the sidewalk, punching the refrigerator.

Biden did it to himself, of course, and to us by deciding on a hard progressive approach to the Presidency rather than a moderately sensible liberal-centrist course. In his hubris Biden decided that only he could defeat Trump and thereby refused to step aside.

Then Merrick Garland set the stage by essentially giving us a second Trump term by doing nothing about Trump for 22 months, waiting to appoint special prosector Jack Smith on 11.18.22. Nearly two years of wimping out.

The memory of these two will live in absolute infamy.