New York‘s Rebecca Milzoff, the current “Intelligencer,” asks, “Is Disney’s magic well dry? Since July, when Walt Disney Pictures made former marketing chief Oren Aviv its head of live-action production, the greenlight process at the studio has virtually ground to a halt.

“Several industry sources say that since Aviv took over, the only project he’s given the go-ahead to is National Treasure 2 — though some say his predecessor, Nina Jacobson, moved it into production, meaning Aviv has greenlit nothing. (Aviv had the idea that became National Treasure; he receives an executive-producer credit on that film and its sequel.)

“‘It’s sort of a sign of the future,’ says one source who worked with Aviv in his marketing days. ‘Movie companies no longer making movies.’ A Disney spokeswoman calls the no-greenlight claim ‘completely untrue,’ insisting that Aviv, who had little prior film-production experience, has greenlit four films during his tenure — though the studio would not name those movies.

“‘When we want the press to know,’ the spokeswoman says, ‘we will announce them.'”