Three years ago my “U-turn the Titanic and head back to the iceberg” idea was dismissed by DimitriL:

“It likely wouldn’t have been feasible to get back to the iceberg,” he wrote. “Reports state that Titanic was going fast enough after it sideswiped the iceberg that it took a few miles to come to a complete halt. Even if they could’ve turned around (with a half-mile turn radius), they would have had to slowly backtrack in the dark with no radar. Doubtful.”

But my other suggestion still holds water. “If the crew had thrown the large banquet tables from the first-class dining room into the sea they could have been used as rafts for those who couldn’t fit into the lifeboats,” I pointed out. “The Titanic’s first-class area was full of wooden furniture that would’ve floated. Tables, bedframes, armoires, bureaus, etc.

Original post: “If the Titanic had turned around and sailed back to the fatal iceberg before stopping engines, a couple of hundred passengers could have been ferried from the sinking ship to the iceberg to wait it out until the Carpathia arrived. Yes, it would have been cold sitting on the iceberg but they would’ve survived.”