Barack Obama makes me feel good to be a black man. Just seein’ him up there representin’ intelligently and really knowing what he talkin’ about and defending his shit even when they try and shoot at him. The old president and baby girl — Bill and Hill — they tried to double wop on him. Boo bop. But he have enough game to get out of that.”

Snoop Dogg “What I’ve Learned” spread spread in current issue of Esquire — page 104 and 105 interviewed by Mike Sager

Honestly — what is that with African-American guys and scary dogs? Has anyone ever seen a rapper walking around with a love dog of any kind? A golden retriever, say, or a cocker spaniel or anything that isn’t bred to maul and bite and inspire fear? Always the pit bulls with these guys and the threat of having your ankle bone crushed into splinters when the beast lunges at you and sinks his teeth in.