The 30th annual Spirit Awards airs tomorrow on the IFC channel at 2 pm Pacific, 5 pm Eastern. The coolest part is the pre-broadcast schmooze that happens mostly outside the big tent from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, give or take. It was great fun when I was drinking, getting half-bombed and flirting with women and giggling my ass off under the warm Santa Monica sun with the sea air and all. The two narratives are (a) have the Spirits more or less become the Oscars or vice versa with less-expensive, indie-level films more or less dominating the Oscar nominations?, and (b) are the Spirit Award winners selected as a kind of make-up or counter-balance to the expected Oscar winners? In other words, will Richard Linklater‘s Boyhood definitely take the Best Feature Spirit Award to make up for not winning the Best Picture Oscar on Sunday night? The vast majority of Gold Derby predictors believe that will happen for whatever reason. Will Michael Keaton win Best Male Lead Award as a make-up for his expected loss to Eddie Redmayne at the Dolby? The Derby-ites are going for that one also.