Thanks to Alejandro G. Inarritu and Katie Calhoon for allowing Tatyana and I to attend the LACMA installation of Carne y Arena at the last minute. We went late yesterday morning; it opens today. Intense, jolting, emotional, essential. The whole run (ending sometime in September) is sold out. Here, again, is my piece about visiting the Cannes film Festival installation (posted on 5.18.17). And here’s a nicely descriptive 6.29 L.A. Times piece by Carolina Miranda. I was studying the particulars a bit more this time; I could do this another few times easy. But I’ll never park inside the L.A. County Museum garage ever again. $16 for 66 minutes, kiss my ass. Which is another reason why I’m mostly a two-wheel man. I never pay anything for parking the bike (I just weave around the gates), and no one ever gives me a ticket.