20th Century Fox has nailed down Oliver Stone to direct a sequel to his 1987 hit Wall Street, which was called Money Never Sleeps when Stephen Schiff wrote the original script. Variety‘s Michael Fleming says Shia LaBeouf is negotiating to join Michael Douglas, who naturally will play the legendary Gordon “greed is good” Gekko. Allan Loeb (21) is credited in Fleming’s story as the writer, but my understanding is that he’s the rewrite/reshuffle/touch-up guy. Edward R. Pressman is producing.

Quoting from my 3.8.09 piece about this: “In February’s Conde Nast Portfolio Amy Wallace wrote about last year’s decision by 20th Century Fox to rewrite Schiff’s Money Never Sleeps, an allegedly sturdy Wall Street sequel with Michael Douglas again playing Gekko. Stephen Frears (The Queen) wanted to direct Schiff’s script and everything looked good.

“But after last fall’s financial collapse Fox decided Schiff’s script ‘suddenly felt out of touch,’ according to production co-prexy Alex Young, so they hired Loeb to make it more reflective of today’s meltdown vibe.”