The last time I checked Isis was an ancient Egyptian goddess. Right now, of course, ISIS is an out-for-blood army of Islamic fundamentalist wackos who’ve taken over most of Iraq and are almost certain to capture Baghdad sooner or later. What’s happening right now in Iraq is obviously similar to the situation in South Vietnam in April 1975, when North Vietnamese forces had overtaken the country and surrounded Saigon. We might as well face it — the extremist nutters are about to win and woe to their enemies, particularly Iraq’s prime minister Nouri al-Maliki and his governmental allies (not to mention any and all American contractors doing business with the Maliki administration). On 6.14 The Guardian‘s Jason Burke posted an article explaining how Malicki is pretty much to blame for what’s happening over there. The United States always trips over the same rock. Time and again our government backs corrupt, business-friendly despots who are mainly out to line their own pockets. We never hook up with nativist movements. And then the inevitable chickens come home to roost. It’s going to be ugly when ISIS comes to town. Executions, severed heads, arterial blood spurtings, etc. “One former associate of Maliki, now based in London, pointed out that few rulers of Iraq leave power peacefully or, indeed, alive,” Burke writes. “This is something, he says, of which the prime minister is acutely aware.”