Posted by Indiewire’s Eric Kohn: “The success of Jurassic World obscures the more enterprising possibility for cinema to advance toward new horizons. Rather than settling with a formula that sticks, movies should be celebrated for building on past successes or upending them altogether. Mad Max: Fury Road is an ideal example, but in the 32 days since its release it has yet to gross as much as Jurassic World made on opening weekend. It’s easy to give audiences what they want and harder to convince them to take on a challenge. Jurassic World provides the latest evidence of this frustrating tendency, which studios all too eagerly exploit.” Fury Road is a “challenge”?

Kohn references a description of Jurassic World by critic Sam Adams as “a metaphor for itself…a bad movie about why movies are so bad.”

Jurassic World is a piece of two-pronged satire — self-directed and aimed at the audience. It’s delivering pointed commentary about the prison cell that summer-tentpole filmmakers have locked themselves into by having to deliver better, more awesome CG whamoramas with each new film, each time paying less and less attention to the basics of dramatic engagement. It’s also speaking directly to the mass audience about their complicity in this degradation.” — from my 6.10 review.