Flipping the Romeo and Juliet tragedy into a joyful self-discovery trans cuitural grooming thing.

I’m furious at Megyn Kelly for her friendly coverage of Donald Trump, but I feel complete relaxation with Adam Carolla and I don’t care how the HE commentariat responds to this.

Key quote #1: “All roads lead to narcissism.” Key analogy: Passion fruit iced tea vs. regular iced tea.

Max Martin‘s “& Juliet” delivers an upfront queer trans makeover and sell-job and not a mere gay subplot along these lines.

A pro-level B’way entertainment, of course, but at the same time a kind of spirited cultural indoctrination session for the tourist rube audience by way of a “join us in celebrating who and what we are” Tin Pan Alley progressive (LGBTQ) agenda, which goes hand in hand, incidentally, with the current “Some Like It Hot” musical.


Billy Wilder’s 1959 screen comedy, ahead of its time in terms of acknowledging cross-dressing and gender behaviors while being strictly hetero, was hetero Broadway musicalized as “Sugar” back in ‘72 — now the same story has been converted into an ecstatic celebration of gender fluidity and queer identity and yaddah yaddah.


Harvey Fierstein’s “Kinky Boots,” which I caught 11 years ago, sold a roughly similar bill of goods.