Two days ago (4.8) the N.Y. Times reported that Devin Murphy, Rep. Matt Gaetz‘s legislative director, has quit. He’s out due to media coverage of the feds looking into sex trafficking allegations against the Trump-supporting Florida congressman, who is almost certainly toast at this stage of the game.

But out of this resignation came two signature lines that are, as of this moment, newly popularized.

Axios has reported that in an email sent to Republican legislative directors this morning (i.e., 4.10), Murphy wrote, “It’s been real”…definitely! The subject line of the email was “Well…bye.”

As HE followers know, “Bye!” is the line spoken several times by the body-inhabiting monster in Jack Sholder‘s The Hidden (’88). And of course, Murphy’s insertion of “well” before “bye” changes the context — it implies “okay, somebody fucked up here….not me but somebody.”

Axios adds that as of Saturday afternoon, Murphy’s automated email response says: “I am no longer with the office of Congressman Matt Gaetz. Womp womp. Cue the sad trombone.”