There’s a tough, no-holds-barred essay by an anonymous industry person named “LIBERTAS CONSCIENTIAE” that popped on 1.24.24. I called around yesterday and tried to identify the author (unsuccessfully), but I’m 95% convinced that he/she doesn’t work in craft services, wardrobe, makeup, transportation or payroll.

If I’d been the author I would have toned down the bombast, but it’s still utterly required reading.

Posted just after Tuesday’s announcement of the Oscar noms, the piece basically says (a) DEI has all but ruined the entertainment industry and the Oscar brand in particular, and has to be jettisoned like a bad habit, and (b) former Academy honcho Dawn Hudson is the arch villain behind all the woke Stalinist guilt-trip measures that have been instituted over the past five or six years. It’s titled “Requiem for the Oscars: The Academy Awards on the Precipice.”

Consider the below excerpted paragraph about Oppenheimer, American Fiction and the Academy’s Oscar inclusion mandate, which kicked in this year. There is no way in hell such a paragraph would ever be posted on Deadline, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter or TheWrap because those publications have been entirely bought off and are presently confined to a social-political ideological corral that they have to stay inside of. They’ll never admit this, of course.

FAIR is an acronym that means Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism, the difference being that it refers to woke intolerance and anti-white-male racism.