After being told by Marilyn Monroe authority Mark Bellinghaus to expect an article that debunks the 1950s stag film story that ran in Monday’s (4.14) New York Post, the piece has turned up on Defamer.

Whatever. The gist is that the film is a fake. The story says that claims about the alleged Monroe sex film by Keya Morgan, the Manhattan-based memorabilia collector who claims to have brokered the sale of the 15-minute blowjob reel, are “outrageous.” The piece reports that Morgan “has thus far refused to disclose either the names of either the seller or buyer of the tape; additionally, he has not been able to provide evidence that this alleged sale even occurred.”
Defamer‘s Mark Graham worked with Bellinghaus, Ernest W. Cunningham (author of “The Ultimate Marilyn”) and freelance journalist Jennifer J. Dickinson to put together the debunk piece. Nobody claims to have seen the disputed stag film (the buyer being anonymous and apparently unreachable) but whoever the performer is, it’s not and never was Marilyn Monroe, according to assertions.