Shame on the voters who didn’t support the obviously hipper, cooler and far superior candidate, David Distenfeld, in the competition that will send a college-age interviewer to the Oscar red-carpet. They voted instead for three standard-issue clones — Fordham University’s Justin Shackil, Rice University’s Fateem Ahmed, and San Diego State University’s Megan Telles — as finalists. A winner will chosen from these three.

As I wrote on 2.1, “Every one of these kids is trying their best to act like an E! or Access Hollywood interviewer. And they have it down pretty well. They all have that empty, fluffy, celebrity-worshipping, bullshit ice-cream attitude that every executive producer of every TV entertainment show tends to like and hire. They all suffer from Ben Lyons disease (which, trust me, will probably lead to high-paying gigs for most of them when they get out of school).

“Please help stamp out the Stepford virus,” I futilely pleaded, “and vote for Distenfeld. You’ll be helping to shape the tone of future TV entertainment coverage if you do.” The voters have done that, all right.