Academy spokesperson Teni Melidonian, who works for Leslie Unger, confirmed this morning that the Academy has in fact ruled against Eran Kolirin‘s The Band’s Visit from competing for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar because the Academy’s foreign branch has determined that more ” a majority” of the dialogue is in English. Melidonian also said that no appeal will be considered. On top of which three Israeli news sources — Haaretz, the Jerusalem Post and Israeli blogger Yair Ravehreported yesterday that this decision had been reached.

And yet Indiewire‘s Brian Brooks wrote this morning that that reports of The Band’s Visit being disqualified are “rumors” that are “unconfirmed.” Brooks also included an observation that Sony Classics chief Michael Barker was “not bothered by the rumors” and that The Band’s Visit “is in keeping in a long tradition of foreign language films that have some English.” On top of which Variety had filed nothing at all (to judge by a search on the Variety website plus several calls made to Variety editors and reporters) about the decision.