The best interview of the ’08 Santa Barbara Film Festival — easily the warmest and most charming — happened last night between No Country for Old Men star Javier Bardem (wearing an exquisite dark-blue suit) and SBFF director Roger Durling. Half confessional and half goof-off session, it was marked by laughter, honesty, astute insights and openly longed-for bathroom breaks.

Best Supporting Actor lock Javier Bardem, Santa Barbara Film Festival director Roger Durling during last night’s Montecito Award tribute

Perhaps relaxed by their Latin connection, Durling’s questions were simple but down to it, allowing Bardem to roll every which way and be his uncannily articulate self (especially for someone whose English skills were marginal four years ago). Calling it “a total loosey-goosey pleasure” sounds like a suck-up sentiment, but that’s what it was.

For those who’ve never visited Santa Barbara’s Arlington Theatre, it may be hard to comprehend that this is a photo of the actual interior and not some outdoor town square in Barcelona or Vera Cruz, Mexico