A friend who used to work with young kids shared the following yesterday: “I once worked at an elementary school as a kindergarten aid for a year, and then as an aid to third graders. And I know this: Children lie. They lie more often than they tell the truth and half of the time they don’t know the difference. They want to please adults, and they’ll hold onto the lie if they think it will please an adult and not get them into trouble.

“The reason I never bought Dylan Farrow‘s story is that kids don’t have that kind of consistency in stories they tell UNLESS they are lying. Most of the time if you ask them the details will shift and they’ll embellish the story — the only way they don’t change their stories is if they’ve been told exactly what to say. Memories are easily implanted, not just in children but adults. And no one seems to want to talk about this part of it.”