Basic Instinct 2 (Columbia, 3.31) “will almost certainly be hailed as unforgettable — though not, perhaps, for the reasons that Stone and the filmmakers intended. The movie, directed by Michael Caton-Jones, finds Sharon Stone‘s oversexed ice-queen author, Catherine Tramell, squaring off against a criminal psychologist (British actor David Morrissey) as she goes on trial for the murder of a soccer player. If you expect an erotic thriller, you may be sorely disappointed. But if you expect soft-core camp, you will be rewarded with a showstopper nearly in the league of the weirdly mesmerizing Showgirls. Stone prowls, purrs and struts through every scene, delivering a performance so over-the-top that she elevates a bad movie into a must-see diva extravaganza.” — Newsweek‘s Sean Smith in the current issue.