According to Kim Masters2.24 Daily Beast article about Peter Chernin‘s resignation from 20th Century Fox, former Fox Studio chief and present-day producer Bill Mechanic is an “outspoken detractor” of Chernin.

“Peter’s in the Peter business,” Mechanic tells Masters. “That’s his job. Every day is focused on, `How do I do something for myself?’ Certainly when I was there, he was not a popular guy.”

Certainly, people who play their cards too much in a “me, me, me” vein lose out in the end. You have to try and be a mensch in life, in business, on the subway, on the golf links….everywhere you go, whatever you do. Everything starts to taste like ashes if you don’t.

But I also have to say that few of the people I know in this business are selfless good samaritan types. Most of them are friendly and supportive as far it goes but in the final analysis who isn’t out for number one? I appreciate favors as much as the next guy, but I don’t expect anyone to pave my way or make my bed or pick up my dry cleaning. We all try and mitigate our selfish tendencies with as much kindliness and generosity and graciousness as we can muster, but c’mon…how many people can you turn to in a pinch and rely upon for serious help, knowing full well that they’ll stand up for you? Be honest.