Daily Mail columnist Baz Bamigboye has responded to the HE readers who ripped him for putting a confrontational question to Antichrist director Lars von Trier during last May’s Cannes Film Festival, which I recounted in this 12.7 article.

“Some of the comments are a tad po-faced and holier than thou,” Baz begins. “I’m really amused that if one makes a comment that people disagree with it must be because I’m ignorant,or that I didn’t understand what Von Trier was on about. Well, I understood perfectly and have publicly defended Lars in years past. I just didn’t happen to care for Antichrist.

“One of the commenters suggested that my press conference question was something that should be expected from a Daily Mail journalist and that I am therefore an idiot. That person is entitled to his opinion and allowed to make it just as much as I’m allowed to make mine. My views, however, are my own and I do not follow a Daily Mail line. I just thought I’d mention that because some of the comments were rather ignorant in assuming otherwise.”