This high-quality clip from There Will Be Blood was sent this evening as a sampler by Movieclips co-founder Rich Raddon. The idea behind Movie is “to give movie lovers, movie bloggers, and everyone else a place to easily find and embed licensed movie clips,” Raddon says. “I love YouTube but the quality is lacking and the search is difficult with all the UGC.

Except that you can watch YouTube clips on an iPhone, no sweat, and you can’t watch on an iPhone. That’s not the whole ball game, of course, but mobility matters. Somehow and some way the Apple folks have to allow other video-viewing modes and softwares to play on their device.

“We have been working with the studios very closely over the course of 18 months to make a reality,” Raddon says. “At some point we will have everything, but with the studios it is a process…the fact that we have over 12,000 clips from 6 of the 7 studios speaks to my years running the LA Film Festival (10 years) and the trust that is needed with these types of partnerships.

“ is not perfect. We will be closer when we reach an agreement with the Criterion Collection and the remaining studio Disney (we want that Miramax library!). But we are going about this in the best way possible, in a unique collaboration with the studios wherein we work with them on all the sensitivities with this type of content.”