Back in the old days movies (dramas, comedies, thrillers) used to occasionally include semi-nude scenes. Which were exploitive, of course, but also half-cool in their own way. Not nude scenes, which we still have from time to time, but semi-nude scenes, which were arguably hotter than franker depictions of whatever because of the inherent clash of values and sensibilities (commercially lewd intentions vs. prudish social instincts) behind them. The brand-name actresses who performed in these dopey scenes would always half-cover themselves with a bedsheet or a towel, not because such cover-ups even began to reflect actual human behavior but because of clauses in contracts that sought to limit exposure. It was this climate of disputing and negotiating and pleading and adamant refusals that led to these mostly ridiculous moments, like this one from Go Naked In The World. Yes, a mainstream film was actually called that.