40 days hence VCI is releasing a DVD of a film I’ve never heard of — Stuart Heisler‘s Island of Desire (1952), a Tab Hunter movie with a somewhat older Linda Darnell (29 to his 21) as the love interest. Who in the world would buy or rent this? It’s obviously negligible. Older gay guys?

The IMDB notes that “the July 22, 1952 edition of The New York Times noted that this film would make its local debut at Lowe’s Metropolitan Theatre in Brooklyn on Wednesday, July 30. However, the newspaper did not send a reviewer on opening day.”

“Lieutenant Elizabeth Smythe (Darnell), a U.S. Military hospital-ship nurse, and Marine Corporal Michael J. “Chicken” Dolan (Hunter), are the only survivors when a hospital ship hits a mine in the South Pacific during World War II. The two spend months alone on a deserted island and, in spite of the age-difference, fall in love…and for other obvious reasons. Their peaceful existence is shattered when an airplane crashes on the island and the only survivor, William Peck, also falls for Elizabeth.”