Lovely Still director Nicholas “Nik” Fakler, 24, following today’s press screening at Toronto’s AMC plex. The film is very carefully shaped and toned and all of an emotional piece — the mark of a filmmaker who has something to say (or at least feel) and knows how to make it consistent and recognizable and entirely “his.”

I’ve Loved You So Long star (and all-but-certain Best Actress nominee) Kristin Scott Thomas (r.) entering Toronto’s Elgin theatre this evening — 7:55 pm. The film is as movingly acted and well written as I’ve read and been told, each and every actor brings something soulful and very special to it, and it ends very well. The iPhone camera, by the way, is a piece of shit because it can’t handle movement of any kind — it has to be rock still — and the light sensitivity levels are barely worth the name.

Sony Classics co-president Michael Barker (l.), I’ve Loved You So Long director Philippe Claudel prior to this evening’s Elgin screening
Lobby of Toronto’s Fairmont hotel just before this morning’s Danny Boyle interview.