In late January a restored 4K version of Roman Polanski Oscar-winning The Pianist will have a seven-day run at the Film Forum (1.26 thru 2.1). This will surely be followed by subsequent big-city bookings and a 4K Bluray.

This means something, methinks.

In the wake of the triumphant reviews and Cesar awards that greeted Polanski’s J’Accuse in Europe two years ago, I was told by reps for Bluray distribs and streamers that they wouldn’t dare stream Polanski’s historical thriller over fears of #MeToo protests, etc. Which seemed especially cowardly on their part and profoundly heinous on the part of Polanski’s detractors. The mere streaming of one of Polanski’s greatest films from the privacy of your own home…what kind of rabid fanaticism would forbid even this?

But the Pianist restoration suggests the winds are shifting.