I was thinking last night about Artists Equity, the film production company headed by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. And before you knew it I was on the couch and re-watching Good Will Hunting (’97), which they began writing together** around ’94. On 3.23.98 Ben and Matt won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar, during the 70th Oscar ceremony.

I was still a little bit surprised by how good the script is. I was saying to myself “Jesus, what happened to this kind of screenwriting for theatrical features?” I didn’t actually say that, but I felt a little bit stirred by the fact that Ben and Matt are at least going to try to deliver this kind of material to theatres again.

** The late William Goldman absolutely didn’t doctor their script, or so the tale goes. I don’t see what would have been so horrible about Goldman helping out, but the denials have been adamant about this all along.