The most significant aspect of this Sharon Waxman-Steve Pond post-Golden Globes Oscar handicapping video is the tin-can sound of Pond’s voice. He sounds like Al Jolson in The Jazz Singer. His voice has the high fidelity of Paul McCartney singing “now she’s hit the big time!” in the Beatles’ Honey Pie. He sounds like Vitaphone.

The second most significant aspect is Pond’s disinclination to acknowledge the signs and admit that Best Picture-wise, Lincoln is all but finished. Instead he’s calls it a “shaky” frontrunner. No shit? Pond knows that everybody likes or respects Steven Spielberg‘s film, but nobody really loves it and that’s why it’s not winning anything. He knows it, I know it, Sharon knows it, own up to it. Yes, the 1.26 Producer’s Guild Awards will tell the tale.