Just after the February 2nd Jennifer Lawrence tribute at the Santa Barbra Film Festival, I asked if I could show the tribute reel. It was sent to me yesterday, but when I uploaded it to YouTube the embed code was disabled due to some petty copyright bullshit. I’m uploading it to Vimeo as we speak (who knows if the Vimeo embed codes will be blocked also?) but in the meantime here’s a YouTube link.

And here’s an excerpt from remarks spoken on 2.2 by Santa Barbara Film Festival director Roger Durling:

“Lawrence’s performance as Tiffany, the grieving young widow who befriends, falls for and helps to save Bradley Cooper‘s Pat, is about a million miles away from her turn in The Hunger Games, delivering a deft comic side and a romantic longing flecked with electric energy. She’s a feisty force of nature recalling Cher in Moonstruck in 1987. Like Carole Lombardin My Man Godfrey in 1936, and the way Diane Keaton fleshed out Annie Hall in 1977. Like Barbara Stanwyck in The Lady Eve in 1938, and Claudette Colbert in It Happened One Night in 1934.

“But Tiffany is totally contemporary, totally new. She’s flawed and damaged. She’s made mistakes — and continues to make mistakes. But she’s made peace with her
imperfections and tries to persuade Cooper’s bipolar protagonist to do the same.

“Before Silver Linings Playbook Lawrence had done fiery, intense performances; with Silver Linings Playbook Lawrence delivers a fiery, intense, movie-star performance. She dominates the proceedings without artifice or hammy overacting. She is the first breath of fresh air to be breathed into the motion picture industry in a very very long time.”

The Lawrence tribute reel was assembled by Durling and Dana Morrow.