I’ve never seen Elem Klimov‘s Come and See (’85), which is commonly regarded as one of the most searing antiwar films ever made. So I’m naturally looking forward to Janus Films’ theatrical restoration of this Russian-made film, which was Klimov’s last. It will play at Manhattan’s Film Forum between 2.21 and 3.3. I’d naturally like to see it in Los Angeles, but it doesn’t seem to have a local booking.

With a new 2K restoration you’d also presume that a Criterion Bluray would be in the pipeline, but I can’t find hide nor hair. I’ve done some basic searches…zip. A publicist friend says it’s viewable via TCM On Demand — haven’t been able to find it there either. I’m sure this is all my fault, and not that of distributor Janus Films.

All I know is that I’ve been repeatedly admonished by Tatyana for not seeing it, and the reprimands aren’t going to stop until I do.