Conservative hinterland types (including Trump loyalists) ignored Michael Showalter‘s The Eyes of Tammy Faye because they figured it would just trash rightwing American Christians — i.e., too predictable. And blue urban regions didn’t pay much attention either because they already knew that hinterland Christian yahoos are myopic and gullible and deluded — why pay to be reminded of that fact?

Nonetheless Searchlight marketers are trying to re-ignite interest in the film for the sake of Jessica Chastain‘s Best Actress campaign. I believe she deserves to be one of the five nominees, and that she’ll probably make the cut.

Saying again that Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato’s same-titled doc about Jim and Tammy Faye is a more absorbing film than the Showalter-Chastain.

Between Rock and Hard Plac