Cantankerous exes (George Clooney, Julia Roberts) fly to Bali for an almost shotgun-like wedding between their daughter Lili (Kaitlyn Dever) and some local smoothie (Lucas Bravo). Ol Parker‘s Ticket to Paradise is treading a familiar romcom path, but HE approves of Parker and Daniel Pipski‘s snippy, snappy dialogue.

Two months ago I noted how the shrimp-sized Dever (5’2″) is way too short to be the daughter of Clooney and Roberts (5’11 and 5’8″ respectively). I also pointed out that she doesn’t bear even the FAINTEST resemblance to her on-screen parents….not even a little bit. I’m sorry but tallish parents almost never produce Hobbitt-sized children. I’ve stood next to Clooney three or four times so don’t tell me…he’s at least 5’10 if not 5’11.