Three-plus weeks ago’s Bryan Young asked Steve Sansweet, Lucasfilm’s Fan Relations chief, about plans for a Blu-ray Star Wars box set. Sansweet said “the best time” such a set might be timed to the fact “that there’s going to be a new live action [Star Wars] TV series.” He then said that “at some point in the next several years there will be a complete set of Star Wars movies and lots of extras and deleted footage and anything anyone could want.” Then he re-phrased: “In the next few years there will be an ultimate box set and certainly a Blu-ray set.”

So he’s saying that a Blu-ray of The Empire Strikes Back — the only Star Wars movie I care about — will be released sometime before the end of Barack Obama‘s second term but almost certainly not before the 2012 election? Spoken like a true flunkie for Satan Incarnate. Isn’t there a generally understood difference between the terms” few” and “several”? Few usually means more than two but less than five…right? And several tends to mean five or more.