A Washington Post-ABC News poll says that 54% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents have no particular preference for any candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, Joe Biden included.

Think about that for five or ten seconds. For months and months it’s been “Biden and Bernie in front, Biden and Bernie in front, Biden and Bernie in front” and yet — and yet! — 54% of likely Democratic voters are saying “no one in particular” when asked to name a candidate they currently support.

This means that support for Biden is soft. It means the majority is still sniffing around and kicking the tires with no strong passion for anyone.

On the other hand there’s a new Emerson poll stating that Biden is doing best against Trump in Texas, with Beto O’Rourke polling nearly as well.

Until yesterday I hadn’t realized that Kamala Harris is only 5′ 2″. I’m sorry but that changes things slightly. Hillary Clinton (5’4″ or 5’5″) appeared to be fairly short in her debates with the 6’2″ Trump, but Kamala is two inches shorter. That’s visually worrisome.

Beto O’Rourke is obviously going through a rough patch, but he’s the only front-polling Democratic candidate who is clearly taller than Orange Cheeto. He’s got him by two if not three inches. Don’t kid yourself: One of the reasons that Michael Dukakis lost to George H.W. Bush (Willie Horton and tank video aside) is that fact that next to Bush he looked like Rocky the Squirrel.

Question: How much of a progressive echo chamber thing is Pete Buttigieg‘s popularity? When (if at all) will he lead or at least come in second in a poll of mainstream Bumblefuck conservative Democrats? I’m sensing there are a lot of closet homophobes who don’t want to say what they really feel about the potential of a gay President of the United States.

Democratic Los Angeles resident & longtime friend: “I am WAAAAAY over Beto (Junior league), Bernie, Warren (a schoolmarm with too many ideas), Booker (something too slick there) and on and on. I like Kamala Harris as our Senator but is America ready to elect a black woman? I would hope so but think probably not. Love Mayor Pete — he’s my second choice after Biden. That would be a good ticket but wondering if the gay factor will figure enough to let Trump bring out the lowlifes who support him in force and sneak in again. That is my fear.

“Biden, for now at least, is the answer to stopping this black mark on the world, and that simple fact should be the 100% focus. Fuck AOC and her minions trying to enact an ultra-progressive socialist litmus test. That is how we lose. Also I think it is hypocritical that older guys are trying to take on Biden for his age, and not his words, accomplishments, and deeds. Biden has an incredibly powerful and emotional story to tell and it doesn’t matter what age he is as long as he can still walk and talk without stumbling.”

HE to Democrat friend: Biden is too close to 80 — we all have different genes and metabolisms but he’s on the cusp of a natural decline mode that everyone experiences. Whenever the Democrats have nominated an older, grayer, more politically seasoned candidate (Hillary Clinton, Kerry, Mondale), they’ve lost. They’ve always won with a fresh-seeming face (Obama, Bill Clinton, Carter, RFK, JFK)