Uncle Joe has been President a bit more than a month now (33 days), and I have to say that I’m profoundly disappointed — shattered — by his Oval Office decor choices. I was all but certain he’d remove Trump’s hideous gold curtains, and imagined that he might choose some kind of classy, subdued rug color. (Like JFK’s olive green carpet or perhaps a midnight blue.) Instead Joe has apparently chosen a royal blue carpet — the same eyesore shade as Nixon and Clinton’s. And he seems to actually like glaring gold curtains, which Marie Antoinette or Louis XVI would have felt right at home with.

People reveal who they are by their choice of home or office decor. All this time I’ve presumed that Joe, an old-school Pennsylvania and Delaware guy, had better taste than this. This may sound overly dramatic, but a royal blue plus garish gold combination is the stuff of nightmares. Mine, I mean.

JFK’s subued Oval Office scheme, circa 1961.

Richard Nixon’s Oval office…ugh