It’s official: Joe and Kammy will co-campaign against Trump-Pence between now and Tuesday, 11.3.

Joe Biden announced a few minutes ago that he’s chosen Sen. Kamala Harris as his vp running mate. Aside from three concerning factors that don’t warrant mentioning in the lead paragraph**, Hollywood Elsewhere throughly approves of the strategy behind this choice. Harris will do little harm, and her selection increases Biden’s chances of defeating The Beast, not that Biden’s poll numbers weren’t already beating Trump nationally as well as in several battleground states.

A superb confirmation-hearing interrogator and a tough prosector and former California Attorney General, Kamala is going to make Donald squeal and suffer. She’s going to rip him a new anal cavity on a regular weekly basis. She’s going to take a razor-sharp ginzu knife and open him up like a can of beans. The same will happen to Pence during the virtual Vice-Presidential candidate debate.

N.Y. Times excerpt: “After her own presidential bid disintegrated last year, many Democrats regarded Ms. Harris as all but certain to attempt another run for the White House in the future. By choosing her as his political partner, Mr. Biden may well be anointing her as the de facto leader of the party in four or eight years.”

Don’t kid yourselves — Kamala will almost definitely run in 2024 as the likelihood of 82 year-old Biden running for re-election that year is not high.

Biden announced five months ago that he’d pick a woman to be his vice president, and most of the Democratic chorus seemed to agree he should do that.

Just to be clear, Harris isn’t a boilerplate “African American” as much as a mix of Jamaican-American and Indian-American. Her father, Donald Harris, is a Jamaican emigre who is a Stanford University Emeritus Professor of Economics, and her late mom, Shyamala Gopalan, was Indian American. On top of which Harris is married to a white-dude attorney, attorney Douglas Emhoff. (They exchanged vows in Santa Barbara six years ago.)

Three days ago Harris’s ex-boyfriend, former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown (’96 to ’04), wrote in a San Francisco Examiner op-ed that Harris should “politely decline” any offer to be Biden’s running mate. Brown wrote that the vice presidency would likely hinder any further political ambitions for Harris.

“Historically, the vice presidency has often ended up being a dead end. For every George H.W. Bush, who ascended from the job to the presidency, there’s an Al Gore, who never got there,” Brown wrote.

** The three factors are (a) Harris doesn’t have a riveting, Obama-level speaking voice, (b) she never really connected with voters during the Democratic primary race and (c) she stands only 5’2″.