I’m not saying that dislikable but tolerable Hillary Clinton won’t muddle through, land the Democratic nomination for President and beat whomever the Republicans nominate, but I’m not the only one who’s feeling more and more concerned that the email thing (i.e., “Eghazi”) is going to hang around forever, and that her negatives are going to keep climbing and that she’s going to gradually sink further in the polls, and that somebody like Marco Rubio or Donald Trump might actually win the general election, and then we’d have a climate-change denier in the White House.

I realize that the odds still favor Hillary because of her support from women, educated male liberals, Hispanics and African Americans. But the situation still feels dicey and I for one am very, very scared. There’s certainly no basis for unshakable confidence in Clinton. Nobody loves or even likes her very much in my realm. She obviously lacks that natural rock-star thing that her husband had and still does. She’s smart and scrappy but a shitty candidate with a curiously suspicious nature and the wrong kind of vibes, not to mention a flat, brittle voice and a cackly laugh.

But there’s a solution, and its name is Biden-Warren. If Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren would announce they intend to run as a pair, as President and Vice-president respectively, the Hillary bandwagon would run out of gas very quickly. Imagine! Warren alone would scoop up a lot of Hillary’s female supporters in a heartbeat, and the candidacy of Bernie Sanders would just as quickly lose the dynamism because Warren’s beliefs about income inequality are seen as more or less synonymous with his.

Biden is reportedly edging closer and closer to announcing so it’s really Warren who holds the keys to the kingdom. If she agrees to run with Biden, the Rubio/Trump threat would diminish and the election would be seen as all but over. And if she doesn’t run with Biden and a Republican wins in ’16, it’ll definitely be seen as her fault. If Warren doesn’t do this Biden may run on his own and (let’s be honest) probably lose to Hillary, and then Hillary with her penchant for missteps might very well lose. It’s not likely, I agree, but it could happen. Hillary has a mystical instinct for playing her cards the wrong way or otherwise weakening herself. We’ve all seen it before in ’08.

A few hours ago Jennifer Harper, reporter for the right-wing Washington Times, wrote that “it’s Mrs. Clinton and her advisers who are paying the most attention to the [possible Biden-Warren] rendezvous, particularly when a new Reuters poll finds Mr. Biden with a 54 percent favorability rating among Democrats, compared to 40 percent for Mrs. Clinton.”

Harper quotes rightwing Commentary columnist Jonathan S. Tobin as follows: “Warren is someone that the Clinton camp has always feared. She is the candidate they worried most about entering the race. Indeed, the only reason a socialist like Sanders has been able to attract such support is because Warren — the real idol of the left — chose to stay on the sidelines.”