“If you can’t throw away $100 million dollars on a Ben Affleck action film that no one will watch, what is the point of even being in the movie business?” — genius-level line from Richard Rushfield‘s latest, just-posted Ankler column.

From “Now That Triple Frontier Cat Is Out Of The Bag,” posted on 3.22.19:

“More than anyone else, Ben Affleck goaded the team to carry off a lot more money than they had originally planned to find, etc. Everyone went along with this, but Affleck was leading the charge, urging them on.

“Taking more money makes no sense as there are clear weight limits on the amount of cash the helicopter can carry over the Andes. The pilot (Pedro Pascal) voices concerns about this, but they’re all so money-crazy they decide to risk it anyway.

“So after Affleck dies and the others make it back safely, they bequeath their shares to Affleck’s chubby daughter, a typically sullen teen who refuses to face life without ear buds.

“I would make sure the daughter gets a full one-fifth share of the loot, naturally, but why does she get all of it? I really don’t get this at all. Affleck inspired the team to think and act in greed mode. He was the father of it. How does that translate into the fat daughter pocketing every last dime?”