For whatever reason the battery on my six-month-old iPhone 5S (yes, the one I had to pay full price for after I destroyed my previously functioning iPhone just before a Cannes Film Festival screening) died last Thursday morning. Wouldn’t charge…over and out. I made an appointment at the Grove Apple Store, and when they saw it was toast and told me they’d replace it I said I’d prefer an iPhone 6. It cost me a bit more but I wound up getting a 64-gig iPhone 6 Plus. It took me a day or two to get used to the size, but I’m happy with it now. It seems somewhat faster. The still/video camera is magnificent. I’ve got acres of space so I now have hard mp3s of all my songs — eff that Cloud noise. The battery strength is just as sucky as always. The iPhone 6 Plus mophie pack won’t be ready until January so I’m constantly plugged into my Jackery charger.