I’ll be in Munich by 7:15 pm. The plan is to hang with a German film industry guy who knows me from the column, and with whom I amiably chatted at Cinemacon two months ago. He asked where I’ll be staying, and I mentioned a hotel near Sendlinger Tor. “Excellent — right in the center then,” he answered.

“So what do you feel like doing?,” he asked. “Culture? Nazi history**? The Fassbinder tour (right around the corner of your hotel)? Dinner? Drinking? Shall I pick you up at 8?”

“Yeah, 8 is good,” I answered. “I don’t drink. Pretty girls?”

Mick Jagger said Munich has the prettiest girls in the world so who’s to argue?,” he replied. “We can always go to a beer garden (they serve soft drinks and juices as well, no worries), but we don’t have to. The weather will be nice for the first time in days. The whole town will be on its feet and out and about. Should be a pretty fabulous evening.”

** HE to p.c. brownshirts: I leave it to the best among you to swat this guy down for suggesting you-know-what. You know what to do. Let him have it with both barrels.