The Birds are beating Bond, by not by much. Happy Feet is expected to end up with about $42,595,000 (3804 theatres, $11,199 a print). Martin Campbell‘s Casino Royale will be close behind with a projected tally of $40,470,000 (3434 theatres, $11795 a print) — the Daniel Craig experiment has succeeded and they’re out of the woods.
The third-place Borat will be off about 47% with an expected Sunday-night tally of $15,052,000. Santa Clause 2 will be off 48%. As expected, Stranger Than Fiction is dying — off about 47% with an expected $7,082,000 by Sunday night. Flushed Away — $6,751,000, off 50%. The dumb-asses don’t want to see anything too arty so Babel‘s not babbling very well — in 1251 theatres it”s off 46% for a projected weekend taly of $2,977,000.
The Departed will be off 50% with a tally of $2,561,000 and a seventh-place finish. Fast Food Nation is dead — $417,000 in 321 theatres and $1300 a print…a wipeout. For Your Consideration will take in $379,000 in 22 theatres ($16,477 a print). Bobby opened in only 2 theatres and will take in about $36,450 — it’s tracking pretty well and should do decently when it opens wide next weekend.