Thanks to Variety‘s Anne Thompson for the initial YouTube post/link, and kudos to dialogue (i.e., subtitle) writer and stand-up comedian James Adomian. This isn’t as funny as the collapse of HD-DVD video, but it’s close.

Hitler/Clinton: “The superdelegates were supposed to trump the fucking voters! And now you tell me those fat fucks are waddling over to worship that dandy Obama, lke he’s the second coming of Jimi Hendrix? Meanwhle what do we have to show for the millions wasted on get-out-the-vote? A bunch of old-fuck retirees and illiterate dropouts too stupid to punch a ballot with their fat little fingers?”
“You should’t blame the voters,” an adviser warns.
Hitler/Clinton: “They are losers…marshmallow-shaped dykes!” Adviser: “It doesn’t look good to attack your supporters.” Hitler/Clinton: “My supporters are the dumbest fucks in the country! Still bitching about NAFTA. I’m so sick of drinking whiskey with those pigs! What other working-class photo ops do they expect nme to do? Take a shit in a fucking outhouse? The DNC has thwarted my destiny! That faggot-loving Howard Dean blocked my path at every step! I’m the one who said from the beginning we should set Dean up with a hooker sting, like they did to Spitzer!”