Black Widow (Disney, 7.9) has been screened for the usual salivating suspects, including your MCU fanboys and fangirls. I’ll bet $10K that their reactions are, for the most part, completely without meaning or resonance or trust. At 134 minutes it’s almost certainly going to be a form of punishment for anyone who isn’t a Marvel cultist, especially given that it’s half an origin story — a form of imprisonment in itself. A significant (large?) percentage of critics will default with positive reviews due to the gender representation factor (Scarlet Johansson, Florence Pugh, Cate Shortland directing). But you know what’s coming. Almost certainly a burn, completely negligible, etc. I’m not looking forward to sitting through two hours and 14 minutes of this — what reasonable person of taste would be? Plus Natasha Romanoff has left this mortal coil. Yes, of course — death is an utterly meaningless concept within the MCU, but I saw Endgame