Was Armed and Dangerous a mall-cop movie? No, but it was close enough. Can we go so far as to call mall-cop movies a comedic genre ? And does the curious success of Paul Blart, Mall Cop mean that audiences will feel just a little mall-copped out when Observe and Report opens wide in April? However you slice it, this Seth Rogen-Anna Faris comedy looks triple-quadruple coarse.

Rogen doesn’t have to be Green Hornet thin (a physical state that he’s probably trashing with a high-caloric vengeance now that that Hornet has gone south) but I do have a slight problem with the guy when he’s too fat, as he clearly is in this red-band trailer. And I know mall cops are supposed to look dorky, but I don’t care for that Curly-in-the-Three Stooges tennis-ball haircut either. That Pineapple Express/Knocked Up look is what works.