A friend, going on the word of a colleague, has just told me Steve McQueen‘s Blitz is allegedly “great.” Good to hear!

And yet World of Reel‘s Jordan Ruimy is rattled about what he’s hearing, or not hearing rather.

I’m asking right now for someone else to tell me that Steve McQueen‘s forthcoming Germany-bombing-Londoners-during-WWII movie, titled Blitz, is at least pretty good.

Blitz‘s Wiki page says it’s an Apple TV + thang. This morning Apple announced its original series 2024 slate and didn’t even mention Blitz in passing…not a blurt or a blurb.

Blitz is one of my biggest high-expectation flicks of the fall. Venice, Telluride…come to papa.

I worship McQueen so please save me from falling into a pit of despair. And I don’t want to hear a “have faith!” pep talk. I want the skinny.

It is my humble opinion that McQueen is incapable of making a serious shortfaller. It’s not in him. It’s flat-out inconceivable. I’m not fucking around here. This is serious.

I’ve written some folks to let’s see what develops.